Learn How 2 B1

Someone You Know May Need a Friend – B1.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24.

Think about it . . . the second most likely thing to take one of your friends is suicide. Yet, no one ever talks about it until a tragedy occurs. That’s why The Jason Foundation and Rascal Flatts call youth suicide “The Silent Epidemic.”

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for college aged (18-22) youth.

If you are in the age group, the statistics are even more alarming.

You may have a little brother or sister who is at-risk for suicide. They look up to you – learn to B1 for the younger kids too.

These are all staggering statistics, but there is also some good news. Even though one out of fifteen students have attempted suicide in the past year, that means that fourteen have not. But one suicide attempt is too many . . . especially if that one is your friend. And research shows that…

Four out of five teens who have attempted suicide have given clear warning signs.

That means that 80% of the time, if we know the warning signs and know what to do, we have a chance to save our friends. Many times, suicide is preventable. You need to have a plan in place in advance should you notice a friend is spiraling down with the blues or depression. You know your friends better than anyone and know when something just doesn’t “feel” right. Your friend may need a friend . . .

Will you be ready to B1?

Rascal Flatts and The Jason Foundation have joined together in a National Campaign to help you know how to B1 for a friend who may be hurting. It isn’t hard to do and we aren’t suggesting that you try to counsel your friends. Together, we’ll come up with a plan to help you feel more comfortable to talk with your friend and know where to go for help.

There are three things that you will need to remember – we’ll call them the three B’s:

  • B Aware

  • B Able

  • B Prepared

R U ready to B1 for a friend?

Great!! You are about to join with Rascal Flatts and the Jason Foundation in the B1 project. Let’s get started by taking the B1 pledge!