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Be Aware, Be Able, Be Prepared

What is the B1 Project?

A friend, especially an informed friend, can help make a difference for someone who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm. The Jason Foundation invites you to start the journey to B1 of those informed friends by taking the B1 Pledge. B1 is designed to be quick, informative, and target the most important aspects of youth suicide prevention.

Why take the B1 Pledge?

The purpose of B1 is to give you some of the information, tools and resources to better:

What is the B1 Project?

  • Be Aware and understand the problem of youth suicide. It is the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 10 – 24.
  • Be Able to identify the signs of concern in a friend who may be struggling.
  • Be Prepared to act if you recognize someone in trouble. You should never be afraid to talk to someone who may be depressed or at-risk. You should have an action plan in case a friend or family member shows signs of suicidal thinking.

Although no program or resource can guarantee to prevent suicide, you can increase your abilities to guide a friend to help by being informed and knowledgeable about warning signs and resources for help.

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