Rascal Flatts and The Jason Foundation, Inc. created the B1 Project in 2010 as a new program to aid in the prevention of youth suicide.

Did you know that the 2nd most likely thing to take a young person is suicide? Yet, no one ever talks about it until a tragedy occurs. That’s why The Jason Foundation and Rascal Flatts call youth suicide “The Silent Epidemic.”

B1 is designed to be quick, informative, and target the most important aspects of youth suicide prevention. Participating in the B1 Pledge is a proactive step towards taking some of the silence out of the “Silent Epidemic.”B1 will help you to recognize warning signs and develop a plan of action to help someone who may be struggling.

If a young person looks to you for help—are you ready to B1 for them?

Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney, the members who make up Rascal Flatts, have been involved in many philanthropic and charitable endeavors throughout their career and believe in the gift of giving back.

In addition to their roles as Celebrity Ambassadors for The Jason Foundation and participation in public services announcements, public awareness programs, and fundraising; Rascal Flatts promote the B1 Project.

The Jason Foundation, Inc. (JFI) is an educational organization dedicated to the awareness and prevention of youth suicide through educational programs. JFI is a national organization with a network of affiliate offices.

Go to jasonfoundation.com to learn more.